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Discover the Enticing Scents of Limited Edition Glasshouse Fragrance

Candle lovers rejoice because all the most enticing Glasshouse Fragrances are on offer at Peter Alexander! Daringly potent and absolutely addictive, Glasshouse Fragrances will awaken your senses, light up your personal space and elevate your everyday. Go on a journey and leave it all behind with Glasshouse Fragrances triple scented soy candle collection.

Glasshouse candles are formulated and made with ingredients that are great for your skin and free from things that aren’t. Made from a high-quality soy wax blend for a pure burn and intensely fragrant scent, their candles are not tested on animals and are vegan-friendly. Created by scent addicts for scent addicts, these lavish fragrances are designed by the world’s leading perfumers.

It's the end of the runway, and the real beginning of Milan; as you stroll through the charming streets flashes of saffron, amber and rose stir the senses. Midnight in Milan is just one of the many seductive fragrances in the Glasshouse collection and will surely transport you to an unforgettable adventure through the streets of Italy. With top notes of saffron, middle notes of rose and base notes of moss, dry amber and musk, this exotic blend will transform your home into an alluring and calming space.

Next, you have arrived to the splendour of cherry blossoms and the full bloom of spring. In Kyoto waves of camellia, lotus and amber pave the way to the Zen temple of the Golden Pavilion, where you feel calmed, inspired by simplicity and focused by restraint to see beauty in everything. The invigorating fragrance Kyoto in Bloom has top notes of fresh lime, bergamot and citrus, middle notes of camellia and lotus and base notes of sandalwood, musk and vanilla.

There are even limited edition scents from Glasshouse Fragrances that have been made exclusively for Peter Alexander. Enjoy the rich and lavishly sweet candle Caramel Crunch with lashings of rich creamy caramel, candied pecan and sweetened condensed milk.

The beautiful airtight glass jars feature streamlined angles, elegant lids and can be up-cycled to turn them into vases or other decorative items. And be sure to take a gander at the other items in our Glasshouse Fragrances range including diffusers, hand creams as well as soaps and washes.

Shop the latest and most lovely Glasshouse candles online at Peter Alexander now.