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Peter Alexander
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    The history behind the man

    Meet a man who knows what people like in bed! Peter Alexander has been Australia’s ‘King of Sleepwear’ for the past 25 years, and his well known brand is hailed, worn and coveted by anyone and everyone.

    Whilst we've been sleeping, Melbourne based designer Peter Alexander has been building an enormously successful business, creating fun and fashionable sleepwear, daywear and giftwear.

    After struggling at school with learning disabilities and not getting into University, he came across an idea and started a business on his mother’s dining room table. His business now has over 50 boutiques in Australia and New Zealand and growing. Not bad for a guy who simply saw a ‘gap in the market’ twenty five years ago.

    Celebrities have taken a liking to his brand too. Over the last twenty five years, well known names such as Kylie Minogue, Salma Hayek, Toni Collette, Nicole Richie, the Hilton sisters and Lady Gaga have all been sleeping with Peter.

    From the very beginning Peter Alexander sleepwear instantly connected with customers and now has a large and loyal following that has helped guide the success of the brand. Each month a new collection is released and filled with pretty pink and stylish designs with each collection telling a story from a Wild African Tale to a Holiday in Paris.

    In amongst each collection you will see a beautiful little sausage dog Penny who was Peter’s beloved pet and also brand ambassador.  Penny has flown to doggy heaven and now Peter has two new pooches Betty and Butch. His love of animals has lead him to be an avid supporter of the RSPCA and has collaborated with the charity and been awarded Ambassador Status for his contributions and awareness.

    Why is he just so good in bed - only he can answer that!!

    Sweet Dreams xoxo